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Welcome to Lincourt Stables!

Are you a horse owner looking for training? Or perhaps you’re thinking of owning your first horse but are not sure where to start? Maybe you’re considering leasing a horse, or perhaps you’re interested in animal behaviour consultation? For all these scenarios and more, we have services to suit your needs. 


Often clients lease a horse before going into buying so they can better understand the responsibilities of ownership and what is required. We can help people interested in owning or leasing a horse to find the right match for them and offer similar services once the ideal horse has been found. Both owners and leasers are likely to require training for themselves and/or their horse depending on their needs. We tailor services to you.


About Us 

Patricia Lincourt has been training horses for over 30 years and offers a depth of experience not just in riding and teaching but also understanding equine behaviour. Patricia has competed at FEI level in dressage and started as a young rider in 3 Phase Eventing. She has also enjoyed success along with her clients in Show Jumping and Hunter Divisions of California Horse Shows throughout her career.


Additionally, Patricia is a licensed Veterinary Technician and is participating in Fear Free Veterinary Certification. She works with local Veterinarians promoting improved animal handling and welfare for everyone's health, animals and humans alike!


At Lincourt Stables we adapt our teaching and services so that every rider can enjoy the customized training they are looking for. We can help you and your equine partner learn together while having fun. At the same time you will gain experience and skills.


Rather than teaching a traditional riding school lesson program we focus on clients who are interested in owning or leasing a horse. If we don’t have the perfect match for you at the barn already we can help find a horse for you to buy or lease. Patricia has an extensive network of contacts within the equestrian community and can help find the right horse for you.


We also offer services for those looking to sell or retrain their horse, as an equine behavior specialist Patricia and can help clients understand their horses behavior and work with them to understand and manage behavior.


Our Services:


  • Owners:

For those who own their own horse we offer full services, from riding/training to stable management and care. Clients benefit from Patricia teaching them and riding their horse if desired. For stable management we offer full services eg grooming, lunging, clipping, turn out, feeding, nursing, rehab etc. We can tailor services depending on your, and your horses needs.

  •  Leasers:

Similar to horse owners, but for those who are not quite ready to buy we offer a full range of services. As an example, a half lease in a horse gives you 2 to lessons a week and the chance to get an idea of what horse ownership entails and the opportunity to develop horse ownership skills without having to put up the funds for buying a horse outright. This arrangement suits many people, from horse owners who are attending college and want their horse to be well cared for and trained, to owners who cannot ride every day and need to share the responsibility. We can help you find a horse, or if you are a horse owner and would like to lease your horse we can help find the right match of leasee. Full services apply such as riding/training, stable management and care.


  • Horse Behavior Consultation:

Patricia Lincourt is a graduate of Via Nova Training’s year long Masterclass and has spent several years learning from behavior expert Shawna Karrasch who is now her mentor. We believe in the science of how animals learn and apply this to our training, often using Positive Reinforcement (R+) to help horses (and people) learn. Patricia has experience in retraining horses, starting young horses under saddle and rehabilitation of horses returning from injury. She also works with horses with behavioural issues to help them manage their emotions and provide handlers with knowledge of how to handle triggering scenarios. If you are interested in learning more about Horse Behavior Consultation please contact us and state that you are seeking Behavior Consultation. We can travel within the Los Angeles area or offer consultation over the phone if you are further afield.


  • Clinics and Workshops:

For those wanting to spend time with horses unmounted we will be running workshops where you can learn horse handling skills such as grooming, leading and general stable management. This offers you the chance to learn but also spend time outside, in a friendly, fun learning environment. 


  • Contact us for more information:

All training & consultation can be tailored to your needs, for behaviour consultation Patricia can also travel to clients and is happy to conduct clinics for groups, farms or organizations. 


To find out more about any of our services please contact us, to keep up to date with news and workshop dates/information please follow us on:


Instagram @lincourtstables


Facebook @Lincourt Stables


For specific equine behavior enthusiasts we have a Facebook group called "Click to Clarity"

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