Due to COVID 19 we are currently unable to run our regular lesson schedule. We are still teaching but with restrictions in place and mainly for those interested in leasing a horse or looking for a trainer for thier own horse. If you would like to find out more about us please complete this form. If you are interested in leasing a horse, have a horse of your own and need training services, or need animal behaviour consultancy, please contact us at

Whether you've never been near a horse and want to learn how to ride, or you have plenty of experience but want to continue to learn, Lincourt Stables training will exceed your expectations in terms of quality of teaching. We have a friendly atmosphere at the barn, and thanks to our great horses and experienced staff, you may never want to leave!


Our beginners lessons and workshops will teach you how to understand and take care of horses: you will learn how to handle, groom and tack your horse. Little by little you'll learn how to ride and control your horse. When you reach a certain level, you'll be ready to join group lessons or continue with private lessons if you prefer. The academy riders are divided in 3 levels where the riders and their horse will learn how to execute more advanced dressage and/or jumping exercises. 


Horse owners can be part of the riders club or the show team. We adapt our teaching and services to everyone's needs so that every rider can have the customized training they are looking for. We lease and sell horses and if we don't have the perfect match for you, we will help you find your dream horse.




Who is it for?​

Beginners are riders with little or no experience. There is no age limit to start riding!


What will you do?​

You will have a one on one lesson with a qualified instructor who will teach you everything you need to understand and ride horses.


In the beginning, you will learn to handle, groom, saddle, bridle and give basic care to horses.


Quickly, you will move to learning the basics of seat, balance and control of your mount.


Next step:​

When you are able to control your horse at the walk and trot, you can move to the Academy classes.

Academy Riders


Who is it for?​

Academy classes are group classes for beginner and intermediate riders, who do not own or lease a horse.


What will you do?​

Level One​​: you will learn to canter, develop the seat, hands and balance, maneuver with other riders in the arena, improve the understanding of horses and learn how to control your mount.


Level Two: you will learn more advanced riding techniques, horse care and psychology. You will be expected to prepare your horses for riding, cool out, and return the horses to the stables afterward.


Level Three: you will move into formal dressage fundamentals and/or jumping basics.  You will learn more advanced riding exercises, horse care and psychology.


Next step:​

Level Three riders will graduate from the Academy and may join the Show Team and/or The Riders Club.

Show Team


Who is it for?

The Show Team is for Riders that lease or own a horse and have an interest in competition. To be part of the show team, you must be proficient at walk, trot and canter; and also have the goals of Dressage or Show Jumping competition.


What will you do?​

With your instructor, you will organize a training program for the competitions you want to participate to. You will work on specific exercises in order to be as efficient as possible with your horse in the competitions. Your trainer will help you progress as a team with you horse and be your best.



Riders interested in Show Team Activities can have staff from Lincourt Stables help them with searching, testing and purchasing/leasing horses for reasonable and customary rates.

Hunter & Jumpers


If you are interested in horse jumping, Lincourt Stables is definitely a good fit for you.


We are dedicated trainers of Hunters, Show Jumpers and Dressage Horses. We train horse for the first time horse owner to the avid competition rider.


Our instructors and trainers are specialized in horse jumping training and coaching. We provide jumping lessons for all levels, from jumping beginners to advanced riders.


With the help of your instructor, you can set up a weekly training program, with dressage and jumping lessons. If you are interested in jumping competitions, you can join our show team and train for the show jumping events you want to attend.


We have jumping horses for riders who don't own a horse. Our trainers will help you find the perfect horse for you. We have horses available for purchase or lease and if we don't have your dream horse, we'll assist you in your research. 



Patricia Lincourt, our dressage instructor, has a lot of experience in dressage lessons and dressage competitions. Whether you have your own dressage horse or whether you'd like to learn dressage on Lincourt Stables horses, we have what you are looking for.


Lincourt Stables is a great place to learn the basics of dressage with your horse and progress to the level of competition. Our lovely staff, our qualified trainers and our amazing facilities makes Lincourt Stables the place to be for dressage equestrian in Los Angeles.


We provide all levels of dressage lessons, from beginners to advanced riders. Each rider can organize a customize program of dressage training and lessons with their instructor, according to their particular needs.

The Riders Club


Who is it for?​

The Riders Club is for clients that are not in the Academy and wish to ride privately, on a regular basis.


What will you do?​

Club members should be proficient at the basics of riding and able to prepare and return the horses to the stables in good condition. With the help of your trainer, you can organize a customized program of lessons and training sessions that suits you and your horse.


Group lessons can be organized and unsupervised riding is possible with the approval of the instructor.



If you are part of the riders club, you can receive a reduced rate for services by paying dues to the Club. The dues are to maintain quality horses for the use of club members. Dues are monthly and non-refundable.