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Situated in the heart of Los Angeles Lincourt Stables offers training for horse owners and leasers, specialising in Positive Reinforcement
Patricia Lincourt and Limelight compete at Grand Prix level dressage
Patricia Lincourt offers trainingin dressage, hunters and jumpers at the Paddock Riding Club, Los Angeles

Lincourt Stables

We are currently not running our regular lesson schedule, we are focusing on those interested in leasing a horse or looking for a trainer for their own horse. If you are interested in leasing a horse, have a horse of your own and need training services, or need animal behaviour consultancy, please contact us at

  • We believe in using a science based Positive Reinforcement Training approach (R+). We have 30 years of traditional/classical training experience and find that adding R+ methods to evolve our training to an even higher standard is a rewarding way to foster horse and human partnerships at all levels of participation. We include beginner to advanced, pleasure rider to competition rider in this fascinating and ethical approach to horsemanship. We offer behaviour consultancy for horse owners/riders/enthusiasts or those interested in finding out how horses learn and how to apply this to training for horse and rider.

  • We believe Positive Reinforcement training methods enable both horses and people to learn together, build partnerships and most importantly have fun! Our goal is to increase your skills and build confidence in the saddle at all levels, from competition to pleasure riding. Additionally we use Equine Assisted Growth and Learning models and are EAGALA Certified. Contact us to find out more about these exciting fields of training and learning for horses, trainers and riders.

  • We specialize in training Hunters, Show Jumpers and Dressage right in the heart of Los Angeles, Lincourt Stables’ students range from beginners to advanced riders. We have a selection of  horses for riding lessons and leasing. We offer full services, training and boarding for horse owners. We pride ourselves in fostering a relaxed, friendly, experienced atmosphere where you can learn all about riding and stable management. Contact us to find out more.


  • Lincourt Stables’ students enjoy lessons in Hunt Seat Equitation, Show Jumping and Dressage, allowing riders to cross-train in all styles. We have a wide range of lesson programs that can be customized to the needs of both you and your horse.  Our riders also regularly compete in horse shows throughout Southern California. Their performance at event and division level competitions speaks for itself.

  • For horse owners we offer excellent training and boarding services. Our staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of every horse and rider. Lincourt Stables is hosted by the Paddock Riding Club facility. The location is ideal, sitting adjacent to Griffith Park and providing 10 acres of top class amenities and miles of trails in the Griffith Park system.


  • With Lincourt Stables you can learn how to ride or improve your riding, train your horse and take part in showing, show jumping and dressage competitions. Lincourt Stables is the perfect destination for all types of horse riding in Los Angeles!


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