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Lesson #5: A creative journey in finding new teaching methods

The past 6 months have been a challenge in many ways, but also an opportunity to try new things and be creative. One of the new elements we have been experimenting with lately with is the ability to offer online/remote lessons, and that has meant learning a whole new technological skill set. 

We now have a GPS Soloshot camera to help with remote lessons and general learning of current clients. Also, having a camera to record groundwork as well as riding is a great way of looking at overall training and especially timing of reward when it comes to Positive Reinforcement training methods which is what we like teaching.

The principle is fantastic, the rider wears a GPS tracker on their arm, the camera then tracks your movement and hey presto, you can record your ride. Let's say the actual practice has been a little more experimental! As you can see from the video below we have done a lot of testing to get to grips with the set up and it is safe to say we are still in learning mode! However, we are now getting there and with a little more practice should be able to capture rides more than just some of the time (my tech skills as you will see are not brilliant). Thank you to Astrid for being my guinea pig and helping with your camera skills, and to Charlie who has managed to not knock the camera flying with her nose on several occasions. We are also aiming to use the camera to record tutorials etc in the future, watch this space.

The full tech setup is still work in progress but in the meantime if you're interested in remote lessons with Patricia please contact us. 

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