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We will match you with the perfect horse for your style and experience

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Why lease a horse?

Leasing a horse offers a remarkable opportunity to appreciate the advantages of horse ownership without long-term obligations or high expenses. We provide a variety of horse leasing choices, each thoughtfully designed to match your specific requirements. Whether you are an experienced rider or just beginning, our leasing arrangements open the door for those eager to discover the joys of horse riding.


Benefits of horse leasing

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Leasing allows you to try different horses and find the perfect match before making a long-term commitment. This flexibility is of help to riders at any level, be it sharpening one's skills or simply for leisure riding.

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Leasing offers the perfect opportunity to know how much care for horses is needed. It allows you to get your first-hand experience with horseback riding without being weighed down by the responsibility of full ownership. More than anything, it is a very effective way to gain confidence and improve one's riding skills.

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Leasing does not mean you own the horse;therefore, one has no obligation to commit for a lifetime. So, without bothering much about the extended responsibilities, you can reap all the benefits of riding a horse.

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Cost effective

This is cheaper than purchasing a horse. The horse's expenses are shared among other horse co-owners and include board and veterinary care, among others, since the costs are high. It's, therefore, a pocket-friendly option.

Types of horse leases

Full lease

A whole lease gives you full rights to the animal, meaning it is close to or essentially yours. In this case, you can use the horse and take care of it on your timetable, but you also take on all costs involved with this horse. This lease is quite interesting for an experienced rider who wishes to have a much more intimate and closer relationship with their horse.

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Half lease

In this lease, the horse is shared with another lessee; thus, the time for riding and the expenses are divided between the two. Horse half leases become a popular choice for many who wish to ride frequently but cannot give full-time care. It strikes the right balance between ownership and shared responsibility.

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Quarter lease

This option is when the horse is leased out to four people, which means it will be the most cost-effective way. This is best for novices or people with less time because the commitment and riding costs are spread out. This gives you a touch of ownership without the weight of responsibility.

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Specific purpose lease

Lastly, we offer a lease driven by particular purposes. The two most common are the show season lease, in which a horse is leased specifically for competing in a show season, and the summer camp lease, in which a horse is leased specifically for some summer camp. This type of lease gives more room for flexibility and the chance to milk specialized experiences.

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How our horse leasing process works

Contact us

Get started with our horse leasing process by contacting us through the website or our office. We will ask you a few preliminary questions about riding experience, preferences, and goals.

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Personal consultation

A follow-up personal consultation empowering us to understand your needs better. This step is to ensure that we are going to match you with a horse that fits your level of experience and meets your riding objectives.

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Selection of horses

Following evaluation, we will offer you several horses that we feel may suit you quite well. You can meet some of these horses and try them out to see if a bond develops. If nothing is available in our own stables suits, our collaboration with trusted associates ensures that the right horse will be found for a rider.

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Trial period

We provide a trial lease period where the horse can be leased for a specific short tenure to be assured that it will get accustomed to you. This trial makes you experience the temperament and suitability the horse can offer without a long-term commitment.

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Lease agreement

Once you have found that dream horse, we will complete a lease agreement. This clearly states the terms of the agreement, both parties' conditions, and responsibilities to bring clarity and mutual understanding.

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Have fun riding

Once the lease contract has been signed, you can enjoy horse leasing. All facilities and trails are available to you with the backup of our experienced staff, who will make your leasing experience as satisfying and pleasurable as possible.

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Why lease from us

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Expert support

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with training, care, and any questions you might have. All this is backed by ongoing support to make the leasing experience satisfactory.

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Quality horses

We offer well-trained, healthy horses suitable for various riding levels. Our horses are specifically chosen for their temperaments, training, and suitability for different riding disciplines.

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Flexible terms

We realize everyone's schedule and budget are different, so we provide flexible leasing terms to your level of desire. You want a whole lease, half lease, or quarter lease – we arrange it.

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Access to facilities

Lease a horse from us and step into our field of state-of-the-art riding facilities—arenas, trails, and training areas. This means you get the right environment to enjoy and develop your riding skills.

Frequently asked questions

A whole lease means that one enjoys full rights to the horse, as if they own it, whereas, in a half lease, an individual shares the horse with another lessee, splitting the riding time and cost. In a whole lease, one has more riding opportunities and more outstanding obligations to the horse; in a half lease, the opposite, wherein cost and care duties are concerned.

Our lease agreements typically outline the terms of use, maintenance obligations, fees to be paid, and lease length. Also included will be what we require regarding veterinary care, farrier work, and any additional training or support services. Details can be created to cater to what the specific person would like.

Yes. Horse leasing, whether full, half, or quarter, and horse sharing have at least the similarity that there is more than one person involved in sharing a horse's responsibilities and benefits. However, there are some differences in commitment and exclusivity:

Horse Leasing: This arrangement can be seen as a more committed form of sharing.

  • Full Lease: Lessee assumes all the responsibilities as ownership.
  • Half-Lease: Responsibilities and riding time are shared with one other person at specific times.
  • Quarter-Leasing: This is basically where the care and use of the horse are shared among four people, with each person having consistent access, but to a limited extent.

In a full, half, or quarter lease, an individual makes a commitment in the form of a formal agreement; sometimes with additional responsibilities for care, feeding, or boarding. In turn, for the lessee's use, the horse is exclusive to the lessee at designated times.

Horse Sharing: Generally, this is a more casual or community-oriented agreement. The riders share usage and costs but do not have the exclusivity leasing provides. In this scenario, each rider has set times to ride, but rules may be much more relaxed than with leasing.

Although the goals of both setups are essentially the same—alleviating the individual burden of horse ownership and enabling riding—leasing has more secure and possibly exclusive use, whereas sharing tends to lean toward flexibility and community.

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