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How to start Clicker Training your horse.

A few months ago we published an article called 'How to start Positive Reinforcement through clicker training your horse. We are starting workshops at our location in Los Angeles for those in the area who want to learn more about equine behaviour, and we are also available for consultation in the area. If you would like Patricia Lincourt to visit you at your barn.

For those who are not in the area we will be running Facebook live sessions from the workshops and in light of this new activity we wanted to publish some new materials to help people get started.

To update this we have some new slides to help you get started

How to Clicker Train Your Horse FINAL 5th Jan2021
Download PDF • 2.50MB

Extract from the original blog post:

Have you heard of Positive Reinforcement? What about Clicker Training? If you have a dog perhaps Clicker Training sounds familiar as many dog trainers are using these science based training methods now with great results. Where Clicker Training really became recognised as a successful and humane training method is in the marine mammal world where clearly putting a leash on a dolphin is not really practical or safe. Over the last twenty or so years Clicker Training has moved species and is now used across the animal world, from pet dogs to zoo animals and now in the last few years into horse training.

Believe it or not Clicker Training (aka known as Positive Reinforcement aka R+) does work brilliantly with horses and it is a growing area of interest. Luckily for me, Patricia Lincourt is an expert in using Positive Reinforcement as a method for training horses to bring out their best, and it is a fascinating way to train with them. I have spent the last few years observing Patricia at work and learning from her as well as various Animal Behaviour courses and we wanted to start sharing what we have learned, starting right at the very beginning!

Continue reading here, and contact us if you have any questions.

Above is Wili Wili, at 6 years old he has largely been trained using clicker training and is going to be helping us with demos during our new equine behavior workshops. Contact us for more information.

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