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Welcome to Lincourt Stables, Peter & Diva.

Peter joined Lincourt Stables in the autumn of 2020 and started having lessons with Patricia. He has just leased his first horse, Broadway Diva, a 16.2, 12 year old Holsteiner.

Tell us about yourself.

I used to be an academic historian, specialising in the History of Philosophy. Two years ago, I entered the business world, working as a manager at a Korean health food company. In the fall I would like to take a course myself rather than teach.

How long have you been riding?

Cumulatively, 8 years. I started when I was in college; so I was about 19 when I first started taking lessons.

What was your earliest equine experience?

I have a picture somewhere of me aged about 5 sitting on a pony at a theme park. I am smiling from ear to ear as I am being led around. It must have been a wonderful feeling.

What brought you back to riding last year?

In 2020 COVID struck and I found that the time I had spent walking round the city was all of a sudden less appealing. I felt a need to be with a horse, get some more training to be able to ride well, and be part of a community (socially distanced of course). So I decided to start riding again and here I am.

What do you like about riding?

I find it gives me a complete mental break. You have to bring yourself to the level of the horse, which is good for your health.

What have you learned so far at Lincourt?

Patricia is a horse professor! She has a depth of knowledge and experience that goes beyond just how to ride. It goes deep into knowledge of the animals and how they behave. This is far deeper than any other trainer I have known and is fascinating.

Tell us about Diva

Diva has only been with us for a couple of weeks so we are in the very early stages of a partnership but I have been delighted at how we are getting to know each other.

Tell us your goals

Short term I want to build our partnership and get her back into show condition. Diva had a foal last year so she is only just coming back into work now. Long term I would like to show her, hopefully jumping as this is what she has done in the past.

Peter & Diva take a break during a lesson at the wonderful facilities we have at Lincourt Stables thanks to the Paddock Riding Club. We are situated in the heart of Los Angeles and the facilities are amazing. For more information about leasing a horse please contact us.

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