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  • Liparit Hambardzumyan

Why are horses good for people?

This is a blog post guest written by one of our students at Lincourt Stables, Liparit Hambardzumyan. Liparit and his brothers have been learning to ride with us for just under two years, they have no prior experience with horses.

"Hello my name is Liparit and I want to talk about why horses have a positive effect on people and the connection between them. My brothers and I have been going to horse riding lessons at Lincourt Stables for about two years. We had many good experiences and are still continuing to learn and have good memories with Lincourt Stables. Horses are one of the biggest animals that are still around until this day. Compared to other big animals such as elephants, lions and bears, people have interactions with horses a lot worldwide. This is one of the reasons why horses have positive effects on people.

Horses have been a vital help to many of us during 2020, thank you Liparit and family!

In the animal world, there are not many animals that have a brain size like humans. The animals that have bigger brains are the ones that are able to make a connection with the most. Even though these animals are not able to speak, they are still very good at communicating without words and expressions.

There can be misunderstandings about horses. It is true that horses are big and powerful but they are also full of love, kindness and positivity. The people that don’t know about them judge horses by their size and looks. The only thing that comes to thought after that is wild and dangerous. Yes, there are also wild horses that don’t have interactions with humans but if the correct breed is trained and taken care of from the time they are born, these horses will be obedient and devoted just like any dog. Dogs are considered the best friend of people but in my opinion horses can be as good of a best friend as dogs are. The power that horses have will never be used against you, it will only be used to help you if horses are treated right and taken care of. This means that horses are good for people physically and mentally. If you’re not in a good mood and you are having a bad day, spending the rest of the day with a horse will for sure make your day much better.

In conclusion, my experience with horses has not been for a long time and I have much more that I want to learn about and develop my skills of understanding more about horses and of course horse riding. Even in this little time I have enjoyed every detail of it from the very beginning until now. Every day, I’m looking forward to learning and having more experience with horses because I enjoy it. Before coming to Lincourt Stables, I only knew very little about horses. During these two years my brothers and I took horse riding lessons and volunteered to work with horses. For me personally, it is difficult to decide between horse riding and working with horses because these activities have their individual enjoyment and good experience that is irreplaceable. My brothers and I got our knowledge and skills about these wonderful animals thanks to the amazing staff and community at Lincourt Stables."

At Lincourt we specialise in training using Positive Reinforcement methods, please read our other blogs on this subject and contact us if you have any questions.

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